Our Vision

To empower and encourage people to reach their true potential of physically active and healthy lifestyle.


To make a positive impact on people's lives in small but measurable amounts by inspiring and promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle while using the power of business to give back.

Thanks For Your Support,
Recovery, Hope and Healing Are Possible.

Our customers play an important role in our mission, and your purchase makes an impact. We’ll donate 10% of all annual revenue from the sale of our products to support organizations that are raising awareness and fighting the growing mental health and drug addiction epidemic.

We want our legacy to pave the way to recovery, hope, healing, and transformation for individuals, families and communities suffering and affected by mental illnesses and/or substance use. There is still so much stigma surrounding addiction and as our brand continues to grow, we view it as a responsibility and a means to changing the narratives around social stigma surrounding mental illnesses and/or substance use. Founded by an entrepreneur in recovery, is why we have a heart for people in addiction and mental health recovery to empower them and offering hope that they can improve their health and wellness, live a self-determined and fulfilling life, directed toward achieving their full potential. So, when you shop Sporty Body collections of active and athleisure wear, you become a part of our mission to help charity partners who are focused on raising addiction/substance use, and mental health awareness.

Applying for Support

If you would like to request an application to receive funding through our Giving for Goodness, please send an email to giving@sportyathletic.com


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